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250.000 Video Cvs from Sectors

There are 250.000 Video CVs at Addvio.com from different sectors.

Turkey's Video CV Archive

Addvio is blazing a trail by creating Turkey's first Video CV pool.

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Make a difference on your Career Journey and make a move forward on thousands of competitors with AddVio.

Add Video Biography

Simply you can create your Add Video Biography, you can create your CV and get the chance of having an appointment with a corporate company.


Either you are a Candidate or an Employer and if you are job seeking or looking for a candidate, all you have to do is just register. Let us do the rest.

By AddVio with the help of Video CV wizard, you can create your own Video CV. Employers will reach to your CV and contact you for an appointment.

Take advantage of the ease of finding a job with a CV that you have created with Vio Biography and enjoy the convenience to better express yourself than the other job seekers.


Create your Video Biography

Create your Video biography in a short time with AddVio. Easy to become a member. Your Video CV will be ready within couple of steps.

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Create a preferred list.Grab the attentions of Turkey's leading companies.

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Get your appointment online from Turkey's leading companies, get the job you want.


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